What is Sleep Coaching?

We help busy, exhausted and desperate parents find solutions to their babies/toddlers/child’s bedtime challenges. We all need sleep; and when a child isn’t sleeping, everyone in the household feels the effects. When any of us do not get enough sleep it impacts us in many ways. Children are not any different. Sleep is especially important for children  as it directly impacts mental and physical development. As a parent, trying to function on less sleep,  can be overwhelming at times having to figure out how to break the sleepless cycle and get the family the right amount of needed rest. With something as important to your overall health as sleep, you want to be certain you’re getting enough; however, knowing what you can do to encourage restful sleep or identifying barriers that prevent it can be challenging. After working with Cloud of Sheep, you will go from exhausted to relieved and well rested. To start on the road to peace and relief, schedule your 15 minute Initial Mommy-Daddy Consultation. During the consultation, we discover your child’s sleep challenges and provide support. Once a course of action is decided and a program is selected, you will begin your journey to rest and relaxation.

Does my child qualify for Sleep Coaching?

We specialize on your individual situation, your family, your wishes and needs to include:

  • Sleep challenges for babies 6 months old to 2 years old
  • Sleep challenges for children 3 years old to 6 years old

Do you experience or recognize any of the following signs?

  • Does your child have difficulties falling asleep (longer then 30 mins)?
  • Does your child currently need Melatonin?
  • Do experience tantrums instead of calm night routine?
  • Does your child wake up serval times during the night or nap time?
  • Usages of soother like pacifier, white noise, body contact or drinking bottle ?
  • Are you planning on transitioning your child to his/her own bed or room?
  • Challenges during travelling?